Client libraries for Atomic Data

Libraries and clients (all MIT licenced) that work great with atomic-server:

Want to add to this list? Some ideas for tooling

This document contains a set of ideas that would help achieve that success. Open a PR and edit this file to add your project!

Atomic Companion

A mobile app for granting permissions to your data and signing things. See github issue.

  • Show a notification when you try to log in somewhere with your agent
  • Notifications for mentions and other social items
  • Check uptime of your server

Atomizer (data importer and conversion kit)

  • Import data from some data source (CSV / SQL / JSON / RDF), fill in the gaps (mapping / IRI creation / datatypes) an create new Atoms
  • Perhaps a CLI, library, GUI or a combination of all of these

Atomic Preview

  • A simple (JS) widget that can be embedded anywhere, which converts an Atomic Graph into an HTML view.
  • Would be useful for documentation, and as a default view for Atomic Data.
  • Use @tomic/react and @tomic/lib to get started

Atomic-Dart + Flutter

Library + front-end app for browsing / manipulating Atomic Data on mobile devices.