AtomicServer FAQ & Troubleshooting

I can't find my question, I need support

Do I need NGINX or something?

No, AtomicServer has its own HTTPS support. Just pass a --https flag!

Can / should I create backups?

You should. Run atomic-server export to create a JSON-AD backup in your ~/.config/atomic/backups folder. Import them using atomic-server import -p ~/.config/atomic/backups/${date}.json.' You could also copy all folders atomic-server uses. To see what these are, see atomic-server show-config.

I lost the key / secret to my Root Agent, and the /setup invite is no longer usable! What now?

You can run atomic-server --initialize to recreate the /setup invite. It will be reset to 1 usage.

How do I migrate my data to a new domain?

There are no helper functions for this, but you could atomic-server export your JSON-AD, and find + replace your old domain with the new one. This could especially be helpful if you're running at localhost:9883 and want to move to a live server.

How do I reset my database?

atomic-server reset

How do I make my data private, yet available online?

You can press the menu icon (the three dots in the navigation bar), go to sharing, and uncheck the public read right. See the Hierarchy chapter in the docs on more info of the authorization model.

Items are missing in my Collections / Search results

You might have a problem with your indexes. Try rebuilding the indexes using atomic-server --rebuild-index. Also, if you can, recreate and describe the indexing issue in the issue tracker, so we can fix it.

I get a failed to retrieve error when opening

Try re-initializing atomic server atomic-server --initialize.

Can I embed AtomicServer in another application?

Yes. This is what I'm doing with the Tauri desktop distribution of AtomicServer. Check out the desktop code for an example!

I want to use my own authorization. How do I do that?

You can disable all authorization using --public-mode. Make sure AtomicServer is not publicly accessible, because this will allow anyone to read any data.

Where is my data stored on my machine?

It depends on your operating system, because some data is temporary, others are configuration files, and so forth. Run atomic-server show-config to see the used paths. You can overwrite these if you want, see --help.