AtomicServer has a very powerful full-text search feature and Atomic React makes it super easy to use. The useServerSearch hook takes a search query and optionally additional filters and returns a list of results.

Here we build a component that renders a search input and shows a list of results as you type.

import { useState } from 'react';
import { useResource, useServerSearch } from '@tomic/react';

export const Search = () => {
  const [inputValue, setInputValue] = useState('');
  const { results } = useServerSearch(inputValue);

  return (
        onChange={e => setInputValue(}
        { => (
          <SearchResultItem key={result} subject={result} />

interface SearchResultItemProps {
  subject: string;

const SearchResultItem = ({ subject }: SearchResultItemProps) => {
  const resource = useResource(subject);

  return <li>{resource.title}</li>;



  • query: string - The search query.
  • options?: Object - Additional search parameters


debouncenumberAmount of milliseconds the search should be debounced (default: 50).
allowEmptyQuerybooleanIf you set additional filters your search might get results back even when the query is still empty. If you want this you can enable this setting (default: false).
includebooleanIf true sends full resources in the response instead of just the subjects
limitnumberThe max number of results to return (default: 30).
parentsstring[]Only include resources that have these given parents somewhere as an ancestor
filtersRecord<string, string>Only include resources that have matching values for the given properties. Should be an object with subjects of properties as keys


Returns an object with the following fields:

  • results: string[] - An array with the subjects of resources that match the search query.
  • loading: boolean - Whether the search is still loading.
  • error: Error | undefined - If an error occurred during the search, it will be stored here.