Special thanks to:

  • Thom van Kalkeren (my colleague, friend and programming mentor who came up with many great ideas on how to work with RDF, such as HexTuples and linked-delta)
  • Tim Berners-Lee (for everything he did for linked data and the web)
  • Ruben Verborgh (for doing great work with RDF, such as the TPF spec)
  • Pat McBennett (for lots of valuable feedback on initial Atomic Data docs)
  • Manu Sporny (for his work on JSON-LD, which was an important inspiration for JSON-AD)
  • Jonas Smedegaard (for the various interesting talks we had and the feedback he provided)
  • Arthur Dingemans (for sharing his thoughts, providing feedback and his valuable suggestions)
  • Anja Koopman (for all her support, even when this project ate away days and nights of our time together)
  • Alex Mikhalev (for sharing many inspiring project and ideas)
  • Daniel Lutrha (for inspiring me to be more ambitious and for providing lots of technical ideas)
  • All the other people who contributed to linked data related standards